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Fabulous experiences in this Arctic circle region of Norway


Sorrisniva is a year-round adventure and food business located on the banks of the Alta River, 15 km from the center of Alta. We build and operate Igloo hotel, and we offer include organized snowmobile safaris, boat trips and meals based on local menus in the restaurant Laksestua.

Our new hotel for the year 2015 will open January 6th, and will be our 16th year of building the Sorrisniva Igloo hotel. We invite you and your friends, or business partners and colleauges, to an unique and exciting experience. We tailor northernlight experiences by scooter, provide scootersafari at day and evening, and offer dogsledding trips. In our restaurant, Laksestua, we serve nordic cuisine at its best. We welcome you to visit us at Sorrisniva.

Christian B. Wisløff came to Alta around 1885 and settled in Sorrisniva . The next generations Wisløff subsisted on agriculture, slate and salmon in the Alta River . In 1970 Ulrik Wisløff ( third generation ) started up Alta Riverboat Service , and organized boat trips with forays along the river. Ulrik Wisløff ` s three children ; Tor Kjetil , Randi and Hans- Ulrik Wisløff formed Alta Recreation Park ( AFP) AS ​​in 1989. AFP was mainland Norway’s first business that sold organized snowmobile safaris . In 1992, the restaurant Laksestua was built and service building next door.

In 2000 Alta Recreation Park built the Alta Igloo Hotel, the only snow and ice hotel for the first time. 
The unique structure is set up every winter when the snow comes and then melt down in the spring. 
As per date AFP has 60 snowmobiles and can dress up 450 people in warm winter clothes ( snowmobile suits , boots , socks , hat and gloves ) . 250 guests can be accommodated in our Nordic tipis in comfortable sleeping bags.

Alta Recreation and Park made ​​a major expansion which was completed in November 2004. The new service facility is built firmly in the restaurant Laksestua . Alta Recreation Park has a restaurant , a new modern kitchen , changing rooms / toilets, shower / sauna , meeting facilities, concierge m / souvenir shop under the same roof . We also have an outdoor bathing area with 2 hot tubs .


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