Embraced by mountains mirrored in fjords: Hotel Union Øye

From Queen to Knut and back again. The rustic Hotel Union Øye has been home to royals and luxury savvy cosmopolitans since 1891. In and around the 30 rooms boutique hotel you can find the best of Norway on display. Wild nature, tempting fjords and lots of history all contribute to a 5-star experience.

Photo: 62 Nord

The grounds and accommodations reflect over a century of hospitality.

Every single room has a unique character and is decorated with hand-picked antiques. Phone, radio or TV are absent by choice but free WIFI is there to enjoy from the comfort of your four-posted bed. This stylish gem is the perfect escape for a romantic weekend or a wild(-erness) end to a Bergen or Oslo city trip.

Union Øye’s 27 grand guest quarters are like something you have never seen. One-of-a-kind antique furnishings tell the story of celebs who frequented the hotel throughout the last two centuries. Each room has been named after historic figures who traveled here from across the world to be indulged in comfort and design. As always, there is an exception to the rule though…

…The Blue Room is not named after Mr. Blue or Count Blue Beard. Its claim to fame is the haunting of an era long past. As often, the story starts with love and ends in death. And out of the ashes of this 19th century forbidden romance between a nobleman at Kaiser Wilhelm’s court and a housekeeper Linda, rose her ghost. Linda’s body has checked out of the Hotel Union Øre long time ago, but her spirit never leaves.

Named as one of Norway’s most stylish resorts by Architectural Digest Magazine, the Hotel Union Øre is embraced by mountains and mirrored in fjords. History built a home here. A luxurious one where after a day in the great outdoors, you can share your adventures with its old gilded walls.

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