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Regions of Norway

Norway is generally divided into five regions; Northern Norway, Trøndelag, Western Norway, Southern Norway and Eastern Norway.

For travelers seeking adventure, culture, or relaxation, all regions of Norway fulfill those criteria and more.

Eastern Norway

Eastern Norway is not only home to the capital Oslo with fascinating sights, restaurants, museums and cafes,but also beautiful nature and wildlife. Counties: Telemark, Buskerud, Oppland, Hedmark, Østfold, Vestfold, Akershus, Oslo ‍Size of area: 94 658 km2 ‍Population: 2 593 085Broad valleys and dense forests. Oslo as the capital of Norway has many sites and should not be forgotten. Typical of "Fjell Norway" is the vastness, which applies to the high plains, valleys and forests. You will find various mountain areas with marked trails, good fishing, wild rivers for rafting and quiet mountain lakes for a refreshing bath. There are also plenty of golf, cycling and horse riding.  Join a safari In the heart of Norway is the Gudbrandsdalen area with a varied nature and diverse opportunities to enjoy and be active. The Valdres and Jotunheimen area with a diverse flora and fauna has much to offer for the  Spoiled tourist.


Southern Norway

The sunny south, with quaint towns and fishing villages, cliffs, beaches and crystal clear waters offer many holiday opportunities for everyone. In the mountains of the hinterland you will find numerous minerals, also teeming with moose and beavers. Setesdal is an excellent walking area and is rich in culture, folk music and crafts.  You can fish everywhere at the sea and in the numerous lakes and rivers. All that water can also be used for rafting, canoeing, diving or swimming. There are good golf, cycling and horse riding possibility's.


Western Norway

This is one of the most famous areas in Norway, in the summer come in this area therefore most vacationers. It is imposing with mighty fjords and glaciers. The fjord coast is like a fairy tale; up to 200 kilometers away stab the sometimes romantic, sometimes wild fjords inland. Bonte orchards, glaciers and mountains with eternal snow form an attractive contrast. A small selection of the many famous attractions Preikestolen in Stavanger, glaciers Folgefonna, Hardanger-jøkulen and Jostedalsbreen national parks Hardangervidda Jostedal and Jotunheimen, the Hardangerfjord, Sognefjord, the Western Cape, the stave churches of Røldal, Borgund Hopper City, Kaupanger , Urns and Undredal, the Geiranger Fjord with its many waterfalls, the highest vertical mountain wall in Europe, the Trollstigen and Atlanterhavsvei. For activities, you also have all the possibilities here, you can choose from hiking and cycling tours, fishing trips, rafting, golf, glacier tours or for example a moose safari. The cities of Stavanger, Bergen and Ålesund you can not really miss it. Also in this area we have hotels and bungalows found that we were worth the effort to publish.


Trøndelag Norway

In Trøndelag, the area around the Trondheim Fjord, is the historical heart of Norway. The city of Trondheim offers many tourist attractions including the Nidaros Cathedral. The county Sør-Trøndelag offers you the Dovre mountain range, where you can hike and make a musk ox safari or visit the historic mining town of Røros. Nord-Trøndelag has vibrant salmon rivers and deep forests. Visit the Namsskogan Family Park with bears, moose and many other Nordic animals.


Northern Norway

A light-footed dance, billowing curtains, arches and ribbons in a supernatural green colour. On occasion, the sky explodes into a kaleidoscope of green, white, pink and violet for a seemingly endless second. Down on solid ground, we pinch ourselves and ask whether we did actually see what we just saw. Northern Norway is one of the best places in the world to watch the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights belt stretches along the coast of Northern Norway from Lofoten to the North Cape. This means that Northern Norway is the perfect place to observe this natural phenomenon. In fact, the Northern Lights are more commonly seen here than anywhere else in the world. Svalbard (Spitsbergen) is a little farther from this belt, but here you can see the daytime Northern Lights in mid-winter.

Eastern Norway
Southern Norway
Western Norway
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